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You were always a good girl,
Loved your Mama, and your Papa.
You were always a happy little girl,
Making friends, being a normal teenager.
You wanted to be the best you could be,
Because there were dreams to follow,
Successes to achieve, happiness to pursue.

And then, you made the one mistake.

Was it your fault, or was it a curiosity you couldn't control?
To make you observe this strange chemical-
What on earth could it be?
And you drank it, to see how it would taste, what it would do,
Or was it the work of something else, even if you weren't aware.

Lo, your scientist father found out,
And he was not pleased.

So, he took his best choice, and used you instead:
Why remake what was taken if they could just practice on you?
And so, you were changed, even if you don't remember how it happened.
You were no longer a human child, when all was said and done...
But this instead.

What are you now, child?
Green skin, webbed hands. Part girl, part frog.
And so you ran from your parents, from your father who did this to you,
Or did they abandon you, without you even realizing it?
Your friends turned away, and shunned-
Why would anyone want to interact with this...this thing?
And you were alone...

How did you find your way to Bridgeport?
Living on the streets, cold and alone; seeking food in trash.
But you survived: take heed of that.
You have lived the worst, and can tell the tale.
Look back, and try to laugh at those worst moments!
Your sense of humor will always keep you alive.

Are you a good little girl still?
Or did you fall by the wayside, when the false angel
Entered your life?
What did he do to you, child? Are the scars there still?
Or did you truly break free of him, of his grip?
Don't let him bring you down to blind vengeance-
You have lived through much worse, after all.

Instead, take heed of your friends new:
Those who do not mind talking with you, despite your new looks.
Take heed of those who'll help you:
Who saved you from the streets, and seek to give you an education.
Take heed of your new abilities:
How many others can jump as high as you can?

And above all else, keep to your morals and values.
It is not impossible to be that good little human child you used to be
Once again.
Maxine and her parents belong to ~Proud2BADork/~ClassicFuzzball
Any other characters mentioned belong to their respective owners.

So, I've been trying to work on a project of gifts for Christmas. This is one of them. Some of you may have seen this when I uploaded to Stash, but I'm not trusting the publishing from there just yet, so.

Max, I must admit, you're one of the newer ones. Plus there was a revamp, one which made her a better character, I must admit.

But I managed to come up with something, and here it is. Merry Christmas, Fuzzball. I hope you enjoy. :heart:
Proud2BADork Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Naw this is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you! :D Max what do you have to say?

Max: Thank you very much, pretty lady! This makes me very, very happy! ^^
RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It's my own way of thanking everyone who's characters interacted with mine. And seeing everyone so happy makes me happy too. You're very welcome! :la:
And you're very welcome, Max! Keep being a sweetheart. :iconcolongreaterthanplz:
Proud2BADork Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Max: Naw she called me a sweetheart! Yay I'm a sweetheart! :D ...Please don't eat my heart, though. I need that. ^^;
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