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A typical Saturday morning: the clocks rapidly nearing seven thirty.

A typical apartment complex located in upstate New York: not the most scenic of places, but that’s what the park was for.

A typical female rocker’s room: shared by two strummers in a rock band.

A lazy, typical morning? A cell phone’s clock hit seven thirty…

Blast off! It’s party time! And we don’t live in a fascist nation! Blast off! It’s party time! And where-

A hand reached from one of the two beds towards the phone, located on a small nearby dresser, and slid the phone open; stopping it from finishing its track and repeating. From the bed, a young woman in her early twenties rose and stretched; blinking sleep from brown eyes. “Seven thirty comes too soon…” She ran a hand through her short brown hair and slipped out of bed: she wore loose purple pajamas. “Grace, time’s wasting.”

From the second bed, the other female, in her late teens in dark green pajamas with long light brown hair, rolled and faced the wall. “Wake me later…”

“Fine, be that way.” The other female set one of the backup alarms on her phone, fixed the volume, slid it closed, and tossed it onto Grace’s bed. Being a still sleeper, Grace did not notice the phone landing inches from her ear. Grabbing clothing and a hairbrush, the female went for the door. “I’m hitting the showers.”


Chuckling at her roommate’s reply, the female left their room.

The apartment was sizeable; two rooms, a living room, laundry room, and kitchen smashed together, two bathrooms, and a hall connected all five rooms together. The second shower was already going off as the female dumped her clothing and brush into the first bathroom and jogged for the living room.

The laundry area, with a makeshift but workable washer and dryer, was on the far side; the small kitchenette, complete with a place to cook food, eat said food, and wash dishes, a table and chairs, fridge and freezer, and a couple of folded up trays, was located on the other side. The door leading to the rest of the building was on the north-most wall, and the living room proper was set in the middle of the room, bearing a computer desk, computer, large TV, couch, a couple love seats, and a complete stereo sound system. Pictures lined what wasn’t covered by mirrors, pots, or pans: a group of four posing under the words "Explosive Underbelly!", a group of three posing under the words "Explosive Underbelly", a group of four posing about the words "Explosive Underbelly", and several individual and partner shots.

The female raised an eyebrow as she spied the male youth, also in his early twenties, staring at the computer screen. His hair was spiked and a mess, with deep purple dyed tips, and he had a pair of pajamas that matched the color of the female’s. “Al? Wait…you mean Sharky’s taking a shower? It’s the end of the world!”

“Very funny, Joc,” the male youth, Al, turned to face the female, Joc. “I think Grace’s bitter remarks finally got through his thick skull.”

“You know what they say about all bark and no bite,” Joc said, shrugging her shoulders and grabbing a pair of bright yellow towels. “You haven’t been up all night, have you? I could swear you went to bed before the rest of us.”

“Six.” Was Al’s reply. “Got a text from Lloyd to get on as soon as possible; was waiting and everything. Apparently I’m being blamed for something stupid yet again.”

“He’s just paranoid,” Joc insisted. “You know how he gets.”

“Thankfully your twin isn’t like him…Wait…” Al frowned. “Is that what this is all about?”

“What’s up?”

‘When do I stop looking for bands and actually go our touring with you and John? I’m rotting away here!’ …looks like he’s finally getting bored.”

“Not surprised; he snaps eventually,” Joc commented. “Although John, Doug, Kristy, and Andres are still touring themselves, which is why I’m with you guys in the first place. Give him the link to that singer’s convention in Trenton that I saw; maybe getting to sing with Osbourne again will shut him up for a few weeks.”

“I’m on it.”

“Oh, and tell him to stop worrying about me! I know we’re engaged and all, but really! I’m fine on my own!”

“Got it.”

“Oh, and our wedding song’s going to be Journey’s ‘Anyway You Want It’.” With that, Joc left the room.

The bemused Al gave a chuckle. “Life’s never boring with her around. She’ll be giving Lloyd hell.” He smirked. “These next fifty years are going to be so awesome.”

With that, he turned back to his chat with his fellow singer.

The cell phone alarm went off again: Blast off! It’s party time! And we don't live in a fascist nation! Blast off! It’s party time! And where the fu-

Grace’s screaming interrupted it: “I’m going to MURDER her!”

Al shook his head, laughing. “Life can never be boring with bassist Joc Michaels around.”


Several screaming arguments and showers later, Joc, Al, Grace, and Sharky all gathered in the living room; the thirty year old drummer Sharky clad in black boxers, his long black hair and facial hair still dripping; the guitarist Grace wearing her green camouflage jacket, shirt, and shorts; the singer Al decked in a white collared shirt underneath a dark purple jacket and tie, white and purple bell bottoms, and gloves and boots matching his jacket; Joc in a purple shirt, pants, socks, fingerless driving gloves, and a blue-purple jacket and hat.

“So, why did we have to wake up so early?” Grace asked, still trying to rub sleep out of her eyes. “It’s Saturday. More importantly, it’s an every other Saturday.”

“Just because we aren’t going out as a band doesn’t mean we should sit in all day,” Joc insisted.

“We can catch up on our sleep though!” Grace insisted.

“The clubs are still looking for solo players,” Sharky interrupted. “Other places are having competitions. Besides, don’t we have an every other Saturday that lets us sleep in and another that gets us moving about?”

“Next week it’s business as usual today, and then the Saturday after that we can rest,” Al summarized. “Then it’s business as usual, and a day of practice. That’s what I remember agreeing to.”

“Hitting the karaoke bars?” Sharky asked as Grace wandered over to the computer. “There’s a place by the Heebie Jeebies that’s hoping you’ll stop by.”

“Tempting…I’ll need to see what else is open.”

“I know I’m hitting that bass convention,” Joc said, rising to her feet and stretching. “Just need extensions, mask, earrings, skates, and I’m good to go.”

“Why don’t you just, you know, grow your hair longer?” Grace asked, flipping her own long hair.

Joc shook her head. “Not me. Anyway, Lloyd and John would never recognize me. Any idea where my extensions are, anyone?”

“Jewelry box above washer,” Sharky replied. “I put it there so I could clean the place a bit.”

“So adamant about seeing this place spotless, yet he takes a shower once every month,” Al commented, following Joc to the box and a pair of purple masquerade masks hanging on nearby hooks. “Meanwhile Grace is the complete opposite.”

“I just finished cleaning up our room,” the bassist commented, tossing Al his mask and taking her own. “It’s going to be a wreck again though. In no time.”

“What about you two?” Grace asked. “You’re not the best with hygiene yourself, Joc!”

The other female shrugged. “Eh, there are other things to worry about.”

The singer copied the band leader. “The room’s usually a disaster. Sharky doesn’t mind cleaning up though.”

The drummer nodded. “Helps pass the time.”

“So, everyone’s going to be heading out?” Joc reached for two pairs of purple peacock earrings and purple jeweled winged rings. “Al’s are here…I don’t see Grace’s or Sharky’s accessories though…”

“Lost in our room,” Grace said absentmindedly. “I’ll find them before I go out.”

“I have a box in our room,” Sharky added.

“Fair enough…just need the skates, and I’ll be good to go! Shall we meet at the usual place for dinner?”

“Who managed to worm money from Marcus this time?” The female guitarist asked. “I’m broke.”

Sharky shook his head. “I’m broke too.”

“I still have some money left over from before,” Al commented. “I’ll pay. Five o’clock it is? I’ll see everyone then!” Setting the earrings in place, he flashed his traditional smile, gave a quick wave, and left the apartment.

Sharky wandered back to the males’ room, talking about finding clothing and getting ready for the day. Grace turned back to the computer as Joc finished lacing up a pair of purple skates. “There’s an instant message alert from John here.”

“Really?” The leader skated to her roommate. “What does he have to say?”

‘Hey sis! The crew and I are heading home; Australia rocked! Times Square in a month!!! If you’re not busy hope to see you there! Have fun and stay safe, bro.’ Australia, eh?” The guitarist looked up. “I didn’t know John traveled that far.”

“He and Andres actually grabbed their gear, hopped into my bro’s beat up Blazer, and roadtripped the ride from here to St. Louis. Took em two days or so, but they had a good time. I couldn’t do that; I’m too used to the private jet!”

Grace smiled. “Yeah; now we can reach Europe! We need to get ourselves some roadies soon, right?”

“Tour London and get fans to earn yourself those roadies,” Joc said. “Then we need a Sound Guy, a Global Promoter, and work our way to China for the Rolling Stones Rock Immortal Challenge.”

“You and John already conquered that, didn’t you?” Grace asked. “You should just use your connections in the band.”

“Yeah, his “Explosive Underbelly” did the challenge; Lloyd wasn’t able to join us for that. And so the Michaels twins were the first twins to become rock immortals, or so The ‘Zine claims. I think there are other twins out there, however.”

“Michaels is a pretty popular name. We probably wouldn’t have half our fans if you and John weren’t as well known as you are now.”

Joc shook her head. “I don’t get it; there are other, better bands out there. But I’ll take whatever popularity I have with no complaints. And I have to say the four of us are getting a good name even without my bro’s support.”

“So, when do we hit the skies for Europe?”

The leader frowned in concentration. “Hmmm…John drilled into me how important it is to go visit the other clubs and arenas and gain fans, so I think we’ll stay here and tour the US for the next couple of weeks. If Marcus can grant us a gas card, we'll take after my bro and roadtrip to the west coast and back. After our Saturday of sleeping in and relaxing, we’ll head out for Dublin.”

“That sounds like a plan.”


Girls were trying their best not to swoon as Al wormed his way through the busy New York streets. “Pardon me! Coming through please!”

“You’re Al Makar, aren’t you?” Hearing someone say his name made the singer stop and turn; hidden in an alleyway was a small female in a cloak hiding her body and all but her mouth. The mouth made a grin; a front tooth was missing. “You are. Of “Explosive Underbelly!”? Formed by Joc Michaels?”

“I am…do you need something from me?” The singer glanced around him; everyone was continuing on their normal way.

The laughter from the cloaked female indicated she was still a young girl. “Oh, they can’t see me. And they can’t see you as long as you talk to me. Why don’t we step somewhere private, however, so those who have the ears and can use the words against you don’t hear?”

Another glance confirmed the girl’s words, and although he felt uneasy stepping into a deserted alleyway, her words of those “who could use the words against him” unnerved him even more. With a small nod, he followed her into the darkness.

A dog barked, and there was the rattling of chains, but the two didn’t pass anyone. After minutes of walked through the slim pathways between the various buildings, the girl stopped and faced Al again. “We are safe from eavesdroppers here.”

“Who would eavesdrop on us?”

“The other side,” the girl said, shaking her head. “They who are responsible for all the bad things going on.”

“Bad things…you mean those stories The ‘Zine’s been talking about? The musicians passing out on stage, vanishing, or both?”

The girl nodded. “Plenty has been going on, and the law can do nothing against it.”

“Not surprising…the police hates us…” Al crossed his arms, thinking about how many times he had been picked up by the cops. “Every time they arrested me, I wasn’t even doing anything. It’s just because I’m a rock singer.”

“Fate chooses those who suffer the bad happenings, but only those chosen by fate can stop the madness that is soon to descend on us,” the girl said. “These happenings are only the beginning…”

Al stared at the girl; eyes shocked. “W-wha…?”

The girl bowed her head. “It will get worse…much worse. If they have their way, everything and everyone will be ruined…rock and roll will be destroyed…no one will ever own their own minds again…”


The girl shook her head. “You and your band are touched by fate…but if you act accordingly, you will be among the chosen sixteen to stop the madness and the ones who plan on unleashing it on us all…”

“Who…are you?”

“You and your friends must act accordingly…the world may not have enough time to wait for the next group of sixteen…you must act accordingly…” The girl bowed, turned, and ran off.

“H-hey! Wait!” Al chased after the girl, but she was always two steps ahead of him.

By the time he exited the alleyways, he was right outside the karaoke bar Sharky had recommended; the girl had disappeared. People were waving to him as he scanned the surroundings…the girl long out of sight.

“Who…who was that? And what did she mean?” He reached for his cell phone, and stared at it. “…do I?” After a final minute of thought, he replaced the small object and made his way into the bar; thoughts of fate and the band swirling around in his head.

How little idea he had…that from that day forward, the word “typical” would vanish from his and his band’s daily life…
Rock Band II, Grace Williams, Sharky, and all concepts (c) Harmonix
Guitar Hero: World Tour and all concepts (c) Activision
Various Nintendo/Hal/Sony/Sega/Konami/ext. characters to appear (c) their respected owners
Soon to appear bands and rockers (c) their respective owners
Soon to appear fans (c) their respective owners
John and the crew (c) my bro and his friends respectively
Joc, Al, Lloyd, Marcus, the soon to appear Zet, and the fanfiction (c) myself

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Sushizuzoru Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
Very good start, very gooooooooooood~

As for random fans, I have an OC who'd probably kidnap the Pocket Monsters if she had a chance. Not the bad kidnapping though.

RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Sounds good to me. Give me some info via notes, and I'll squeeze her in with the other Pocket Monster fans. ;)
Sushizuzoru Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
Info sent~

RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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AltoBeauty2007 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, nice start! I like everyone's different personalities. Grace seems to follow that same prima donna persona I have haha so I'm liking her and everyone else too!

And wow creepy girl *cue psycho music* I'm sure she'll be playing some key part in all of this.

But yeah this sounds pretty awesome. I love all the band names you created at the bottom. I started cracking up when you said Pichu would be working the kick pedal. That's kinda adorable. :giggle:

Once again, great work and I notice you have the next part up. I'll check it out too! :D
RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
She's also good with computers. But that's a different story. I'm glad to hear you're liking everyone so far!

Oh yes, the cliched creepy girl, but yeah, she'll be appearing every now and then. ;)

Well, "Pocket Monsters" was submitted via =Fairy-red-hime, but I did come up with Pichu on the kick pedal. They're an adorable pair. XD

Cool! =D
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I guess that mean's that stuff will be soaring into your inbox soon enough~!
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Add one more chapter to the gallery, and then we shall see; I'm working on chapter two as well. ;)

But yup, it's already started. =D
Fairy-Red-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
:wave: A band called "Pocket Monsters"! It would have the Pokemon Trainer (I call him Leaf~)and...Mewtwo and Lucario and Jigglypuff! -is on a Pokemon kick-

Of course, a band with Jigglypuff in it is probably a bad idea. xD; My three trainers (mine in the sense that I own the personalities, I suppose.) would be Kris (Crystal) and Link (Emerald), and they could be fans of "Pocket Monsters"...


:slow: And I got so carried away, I almost forgot to say something about the chapter itself! It's off to a good start, I think! Can't wait to see the next chapter!
RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I've always been able to imagine Kirby as a drummer so why not? And Jiggs could be the female singer when need. Leaf is the main singer, Mewtwo is guitar, Lucario is bass, and Jiggs (with maybe a Pichu on the kick pedal) is the drummer! "Pocket Monsters"! I love it! They're in!

And Link and Kris can certainly be fans! I love it! That is so cool! (This is why I ask ideas from my readers! I'm not the only one who comes up with good ideas) =D

Glad to hear it! Next chapter will be up...shortly! ;)
Fairy-Red-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
Oooh, so now he can sing! :iconexcitedplz: WHOOOOOOO this is too much fun indeed! x3

Yay, I can't wait! :D
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Yeah! Leaf is a singer! =D

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He might get a song up if he's lucky ("Pocket Monsters" are getting a lot of fans; maybe they'll play a more mediocre part (like "The Four Swordsmen") instead of a minor part.

But yay for Leaf singing! Actually, when you do get World Tour, you should make a male rocker and name him Leaf! And he could be your vocalist! X3
Fairy-Red-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
:excited: oooh, coolio!
D: Ohh! Wait, you don't mind using the name "Leaf", then? 'Cause people normally refer to that guy as "Pokemon Trainer/Red" or's no trouble?? *w* R-Really?

:#1: I'll sure do that!
RoyalFanatic Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I use "Red" myself, but this fic's already controversial enough; why not? :lol: I'm open to using new nicknames every now and then, and I have Leaf Green too (my bro's the one who bought Fire Red), so pride! XD It's no trouble at all.
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